A’OK Cleaning Services does not share your personal information with anyone.  Please be aware that sometimes we may take before and after photos of the cleans for advertising, training and to simply show that the clean has been completed. 


We pride ourselves in the work we do for you and we always strive for a great clean everytime! In the rare event that you are not satisfied with the clean provided, please contact us within 24 hours from your booking time. We will come back to clean again or offer a discount for the same or future bookings.


Please allow for a 30 minute extended arrival time for your cleaner. We need to account for many things out of our control like traffic, weather conditions, an extra cleaning request from a client, cancellations and accidents. 


  • We are extremely flexible with our cancellation’s and we completely understand that things happen, repeated cancellations will be subject a future booking deposit or termination of cleaning services. 
  • We ask that you notify us that you want to cancel 48 hours prior to your booking time. A last minute cancellation will be charged $50 
  • If the cleaners arrive at your home or are on the way and the booking is cancelled, you will be charged 50% of your booking value to compensate the cleaners for time wasted. 


  • We will not move anything in excess of 30lbs due to the safety risk it poses our cleaners. The cleaners do not move heavy appliances and furniture as it is very easy to scratch/rip/tear or break the surfaces and or cause damage due to weight. 
  • If you would like us to clean behind appliances and heavy furniture, please ensure they have been moved prior to the booking.


  • A’OK Cleaning Services requires payment in full upon completion of the booking or when we have sent you an invoice . Ideally, it’s best practice to pay for your clean when the cleaner is finished. 
  • Unfortunately, if we are unable to collect on your past due payments, A’OK Cleaning Services reserves the right to report your account to the credit bureau.
  • Invoices sent are valid upto 2 weeks from the date of booking. If you are still unable to pay after 2 weeks, we reserve the right to charge a late payment fee on your existing due amount. 
  • Quotes given to you on our social platforms and email is an estimate only. The cleans may take less or more time depending on the effort involved in cleaning your home. We do not charge for time not taken. If you have booked a general clean for 2 hours and your house is in need of a extra help, it is impossible to clean within the 2 hour timeframe. It is your choice if you’d like us to stop, however please note that it does not mean the clean is completed and we will not be held responsible for quality concerns.